AIHA Take Part in Global Girls’ Game

By March 12, 2018November 28th, 2018No Comments

At 7:00 am on Saturday 10th March, 20 wide eyed and enthusiastic women gathered at Avondale’s Paradice Arena to partake in the Global Girls’ Game. The global event featured two teams – Black & White – facing off against each other around the world, with New Zealand having the honour of starting the 53 hour long event.

The NZ women had a fun, fast paced showing which saw White take a 3-0 lead and ended with a 4-3 win to the White team. The goal-tending was top notch with Janet Kidd (White) and Maddy Fox (Black) standing strong as a backstop for their respective squads. Tara Tissink broke through with four points on the board and way too much energy for that time in the morning. All in all, we are thrilled support the IIHF in their initiatives to promote women’s hockey. Thanks also to Kristina Higgins who flew back from Rarotonga to participate in the day.