AIHA To Take Part in Global Girls’ Game

By March 2, 2018November 28th, 2018No Comments

The IIHF Global Girls’ Game is a celebration connecting countries from all over the world in a single effort to grow Female Ice Hockey. Over two and a half days, 40 countries will host 1-hour hockey games in succession beginning in New Zealand before making its way across six continents until reaching its final destination in Canada.

How Does It Work?
There will be two teams of girls from Auckland, one in black jerseys and the other wearing white. A one hour ice hockey game will be played before the puck is passed on to another nation to continue the game. After 24 hours of play around the world, the scores for the black teams and white teams will be calculated to find the overall winning colour.

New Zealand has the honour of starting off the Global Girls’ Game on Saturday March 10th at 07:45am at Paradice Avondale in what will be an exciting weekend for everyone involved!