What is a Good Youth Sport Experience?

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As we ramp up toward a new season of youth ice hockey, it’s important that we take a moment to consider what building a healthy youth player experience looks like.

The below articles cover some valuable material around how we as parents, coaches, managers and clubs can contribute towards building a healthy future for ice hockey in New Zealand.

Content shared from Sport New Zealand www.balanceisbetter.org.nz

What is a Good Youth Sport Experience?

In this article, Sport Waikato shares insights into how adults can create a great sporting experience for our young people.


Praise vs. Affirmation

Prof. Stephen Rollnick is a pioneer in motivational interviewing and in recent years has been applying his knowledge to sport. In this article, Stephen offers a psychology perspective on the key differences between praise and affirmation with young athletes.


How Happiness Enhances Performance

Can happiness impact performance? Former Professional golfer and President of New Edge Performance, John Haime explains how putting enjoyment before achievement can maximise performance.