Adult Hockey League (AHL):

The Adult Hockey League is the AIHA’s largest league and brings together a mixture of players and varying levels of skill. Our AHL season runs from March to October.

Like many sports around the world, Ice Hockey is a great meeting place for numerous nationalities. We have a healthy representation of Kiwis, Canadians, Americans, Russians and Europeans turning up for their weekly hit on the ice.

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League Director:

Bill Bartlett


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Important points to note:

  • ALL PLAYERS must register with the AIHA before they can step on the ice.
  • AIHA AHL registration cost is $175 per Adult per season. Individual player ice fees are approximately $450.00 per season.
  • ALL PLAYERS must be a minimum of 18 years or older and have all of the necessary protective equipment to participate in AHL Hockey.
  • AIHA does not have the facility to loan or rent protective equipment for adults so it’s the responsibility of the individual to make sure they have everything required before stepping on the ice.

New Adult players are welcome and will be added to existing team playing rosters as positions become available. This placement of new players usually takes place during the season registration period (January – March). AHL teams usually have playing rosters of approximately 16- 17 players per team and fill up quickly at the start of each season. Players are added at the discretion of AHL team managers when a roster position becomes available.

We recommend that you contact Camorra Ice Hockey School and enquire about Learn to Play classes run in conjunction with Paradice Ice Arena. This is a great way to get started. Many Adult Hockey League players also utilise this player pool to create new teams at the start of each season when numbers allow or place new players into existing teams when teams require extra or replacement players.

Are you over 18 years of age and you have a complete set of protective ice hockey equipment?

What playing experience do you have and when did you last play?

Answers to above questions will help to place you into the correct level of ice hockey that both suits your skill level and experience when a position becomes available. Get in touch with us by filling out your information below and we will be in touch.

Registrations are processed through ClubHub

Click Here for Adult Hockey League Registrations

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The Adult Hockey League is comprised of 3 divisions based on skill level. The team highlighted in green is the current division champion.

A League

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Red Army

B League

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C League

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