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Auckland Ice Hockey is committed to providing the best quality officiation at all games. Based on the International Ice Hockey Federation standards and training resources, AIHA provides training and guidelines for all hockey officials. Our aim is to provide a competitive environment that is safe and professionally managed.

Become a referee:

Get involved and be part of the action – the game needs you.

  • Have you ever been at your own game or your son or daughters game and there has been no official referee at the game?
  • Or have you ever been a coach and had no referee at your game?
  • Or as a player you thought you could do a better job?

If this sounds like you then your chance is upon you.

Throughout winter, referees are needed to oversee some seventeen games per week. These games range in level from Atoms to Juniors and from Senior Non Checking to full contact Premiers. These games usually require two or three officials and now we are recruiting.

Whatever your aspiration may be – whether you want to officiate at Atom or Peewee level, or up to the new Premier New Zealand Ice Hockey League or International level, there is a place for you within the Auckland Ice Hockey Association.

By becoming a referee you can:

Stay involved in the game – Just because you don’t play any longer due to other commitments or you have an injury doesn’t mean you should leave the game completely. You can stay involved by refereeing. We are flexible enough to be able to work around any other commitments you may have.

Have new experiences – Referees have a unique perspective of the game, far removed from playing, coaching or spectating. It is also one of the most exciting places to be during a game.

Referees also get opportunities to travel both within New Zealand and internationally be that to attend seminars or tournaments. This is very exciting and you get to meet people from around the world and experience other cultures and interact with different teams.

Meet new people – Referees come from all walks of life and all age groups just like players. There are regular monthly meetings where we all get together to discuss refereeing issues and the upcoming schedule.

Stay fit – By refereeing you can maintain or even improve both your physical and mental fitness.

Give something back to the game – The future regional and national players are yet to start or have just started their Ice Hockey careers. By refereeing you can help them on their way – just as someone helped you when you started.

What do you need to do to start refereeing?

The most important thing you need is attitude .

Following that you need to love the game and be able to skate. You may need to attend a referee’s course for the basics but after that most of the learning comes from actual game experience.

We can provide an IIHF Rule Book and IIHF Officiating Procedures Manual as well as equipment such as the uniform. You will also be paired with senior officials to hasten your development. They will support you and give their opinions and advice as you learn.

The IIHF have published some good information on the Qualities of an Ice Official. Please click here to download a copy of the document.

Become a scorebench official

There is always room for more Scorebench Officials. Training is done ‘On the Job” and with a classroom session and all Scorebench Officials are welcome to attend Referee’s training also.

Scorebench code of conduct

Please click here for a copy of the AIHA Scorebench Code of Conduct.

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